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Pop up Events

Want to learn more about our Hip Hop and Street Dance Certification? Join Us for a free introductory lectures.  Click the button below to register for each class.

July 10th, 10am - 12pm EST 

July 16th, 10am - 12pm EST

July 17th, 10am - 12 pm EST

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Date: April 10, 2021


Support the remounting of Rome & Jewels  and Rennie Harris Puremovements 3th Anniversary in 2022.  We invite you to bid on the original art of these amazing artists and dancers.  Each artist has trained and performed as dancers of Rennie Harris Puremovement, RHAW and THISWOMAN. As an added bonus Join Rennie Harris in discussion around his work, process and  history of Rennie Harris Puremovement. In addition there will be a special dance for film viewing of Rennie Harris' tour de force solo Endangered Species.  Goto:


Rennie Harris Rhythm House Class 

DATE: April 11, 2021

TIME: 2-4pm easter standard time 

FEE: $25.00



CSU Summer Arts

Date: July 20 to August 2

This course welcomes all levels of abilities, interest, and experience; dancers who are willing to try on different street stylings, to grow creatively, and expand their knowledge of the “street” legacies and embodied histories. Scholarships are available. 80% of Summer Arts students receive financial aid.Go to for a full list of programs and to start your application or contact us at

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