RH Certificate Program


This certificate is a study of Hip-hop and Street Dance technique and history as understood by Rennie Harris. This course is a reflection of Rennie Harris’ personal Hip-hop and Street Dance experience, which has been shaped and inspired by an eclectic array of choreographic, performance, and teaching experience in the field (see curriculum vitae).  The overall approach to Street and Hip-hop dance technique and its history is inspired by Rennie Harris’ personal philosophy, theory, research and professional experience. 


Participants will leave with a fundamental knowledge of Hip-hop and Street Dance technique and history rooted in a theoretical structure that springs from elements of the African Diaspora. The content of this certificate will cover Rennie Harris’ pedagogy including his format, philosophy, and approach to formally teaching Street Dance. The applicant will receive a basic geographic history of prominent Street Dance styles, their origins and terms as well as the names of their pioneers and innovators. This certificate will cover Harris’ theory of how the roots of Hip-hop stem from slavery in a lecture entitled “The Day Before Hip-hop.” Because these dance forms’ origins are steeped in the African-American community, this course will be taught through methods that reflect Rennie Harris’ experience.  This course may deal with race, gender, privilege, and additional themes related to identity and our larger social context. Profanity may be used in order to contextualize Hip-hop culture. Harris will teach this course using the traditional African pedagogical method of storytelling.