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RHU Cyphers

Welcome to the Rennie Harris University Cypher Program! Step into a space where cohorts, college students, community members, and lovers of hip hop and street dance converge to deepen their embodied knowledge within this dynamic art form. Our program, held twice a year in the Fall and Spring, offers a unique opportunity to learn together, critically examine hip hop history and critical race theory, and engage in innovative dance workshops and battle sessions.


The Cypher Sessions are designed to be rigorous and transformative, allowing participants to prepare themselves to advance the field of dance. We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of hip hop dancers, scholars, and innovators, while fostering a comprehensive analysis of hip hop and street dance culture. Led by the renowned Rennie Harris, who has spent four decades honing his craft and developing the Street Dance Teacher Certification Program, our program stands at the forefront of street dance education. Over the past ten years, Harris has successfully integrated street dance into academia, creating a curriculum that not only functions within academic institutions but also establishes a strong foundation for all street dance forms, or "styles." Our program goes beyond teaching dance steps; it cultivates technically proficient teachers who become cultural ambassadors, carrying the rich history and cultural lineage of street dance forms.


In a world where hip hop and street dance have become global phenomena, it is crucial to establish a training program that provides a solid foundation in technique, musicality, improvisation, and the historical context that informs the genre. The Rennie Harris University Cypher Program serves as a model for future teacher training programs within the field of street dance, ensuring that the legacy and integrity of this art form continue to thrive. Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the depths of hip hop and street dance, empower the next generation of dancers and scholars, and shape the future of this vibrant cultural movement. Enroll in the Rennie Harris University Cypher Program today and be a part of the evolution of street dance education.

Host a Cypher

At Your Institution

Host Rennie Harris University for an immersive dance experience! Led by renowned Rennie Harris, we specialize in hip-hop and street dance education, performance, theory, and innovation. Partner with us to provide your institution with world-class dance education, captivating performances, and transformative intensives. Our acclaimed faculty inspires dancers of all levels. Hosting us enhances dance education, cultural exposure, and artistic ambiance. We're flexible to accommodate your needs. Let's discuss this opportunity further and create a memorable dance experience for your institution. 

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