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RHU In NYTimes

At Rennie Harris University, where the second cohort has already started classes, “we’re flipping the script,” he said. “Hip-hop dance is first. House dance is first. Street dance is first — that’s the focus, right? Anything else is secondary.”

RHU In Dance Magazine

He recently founded Rennie Harris University to “lay down the foundation of hip-hop culture and help people create a curriculum to teach responsibly and respectfully,” he says. The certification program aims to empower the next generation of dancers to truly advance—and not merely appropriate—the art form by using it as a medium for telling personal stories.

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RHU In Dance Teacher

"But in 2020, when Harris found himself with more time due to the pandemic, the issues he’d identified many years prior—the lack of thorough teacher-focused education on street dance and the prevalence of watered-down, appropriated versions of street dances being taught by unqualified teachers—still very much existed. He got to work launching the first-of-its-kind program, aimed at giving teachers the tools to confidently bring street dance—real street dance—into classrooms and studios."

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