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The registration begins when the application and required materials; a letter of intent, three recommendation letters, headshot, 500-word essay and a freestyle video of 90 seconds or more-are submitted.  The registrant’s application will be reviewed by the assessment committee and a notification will be sent to the registrant within 4-5 business days or by August 1st.  The notification will list the application approval or not, and the Certificate Level as; Application Complete, Temporary or Held etc. (see App & Certificate Level Confirmation).  All registrants are automatically approved to attend the 5th Element Session (virtual)  nevertheless it is the assessment appointment intensive aka Cypher Session that confirms the Certificate Level and focus chosen on the application form.   


The Cypher Session will be in person and will be held in the city and state of one of our partners (see partners). The registration begins by signing in and completing a written exam of 100 questions on Hip-hop and Street Dance culture.  The written test will give us a understanding of what you’ve retained in the 5th Element Session or if the registrant is joining us for the first time -your innate knowledge of Hip-hop and Street dance culture. 


The Cypher Session: Assessment Appointment (date tbd) will consist of 4 days, beginning on a Thursday and ending on Sunday.  The hours will be Thursday from 5-9pm, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-2pm. The Assessment Appointment is designed to assess the applicant’s general understanding of embodied rhythm, musicality and general knowledge of foundation in the most studied Street Dance styles, including but not limited to Campbell Locking, House, Hip-hop proper (Social/Party dances), Breaking, and Popping/Boogaloo will also be assessed. 


During the Cypher Session the registrant will be assessed by an assessment committee comprised of noted pioneers, living legends, members of Rennie Harris Puremovement and emerging street dancers in the field.   The committee roster is based on availability and will not be known until The Cypher Session.  Once the assessment appointment intensive is completed, the registrant will meet with Rennie Harris and/or an associate who will notify the registrant whether or not they are eligible for candidacy.   Upon notification, the applicant will have the option to discuss a plan to acquire additional hours for Candidate consideration for the next semester.  If it is determined by the committee that the registrant require additional prerequisite hours before Candidate consideration, the applicant will be notified immediately by an associate or committee.  Candidates who do not require additional hours will discuss scheduling, guidelines and expectations of certificate candidates.  *At the closing of the Cypher Session candidates will receive a confirmed Certificate level and their exam test score (we will keep the test for the candidates records).  



Registrant will receive a notification that will list the Certificate Level  and Application as Incomplete, Temporary or Held do not be alarmed you have not been declined. *Please review below.


 [C] Confirmed                                       [AI] Application is Incomplete                 [T] Temporary Cert Status                    


  [AC] Application is Complete             [H]   Application is on hold.                    [LR]  Level  Recommendation



  • Confirmation (C) : the committee is in agreement with the Certificate Level chosen on the application form.  However, the assessment committee reserves the right to double Confirm to avoid video and application deception or gross misrepresentation of self.  


  • Application is complete (AC) - all required materials are accounted for and approved 


  • Application is Incomplete (AI) – The required materials are not accounted for therefore  obstructing the committee’s ability to review and approve the application 


  • Hold (H) : the application and materials are being held for further review. Therefore, the application is on Hold.  If the application is not approved by August 1st the registrant will be contacted to explain any issues or concerns the committee may have with the application and/or materials submitted.  If a resolution isn’t mutually agreed upon by both parties, RHU will reprocess the 25% registration fee less the initial processing fee and return it to the registrant. Please note this does not constitute a refund. We reserve the right to mutually agree and/or refuse service and/or deny access to any registrant in conflict with our terms of agreement and policy. 


  • Temporary (T) : the committee is unable to determine a level of the registrant.  Therefore, the Certificate Level is considered Temporary Cert Status until the assessment appoint intensive (Cypher).  This may be due to the quality of the video or length of time presented-too short to determine level.   In such a case the committee think it best to wait until  the registrant is in person at the Cypher Session to reassess their Certificate Level 


  • Level Recommendation (LR) : the committee unanimously recommend the registrant apply for a lower or higher Certificate Level.  The committee will list the level recommendation in the notification letter.  If the registrant is not in agreement with the level recommendation the registrant will have a chance to challenge the level recommendation at the Cypher Session during the Assessment Appointment meeting at the end of the Cypher Session.  

Fairness and No Discrimination Policy 

Adverse, Disciplinary Actions, Appeals

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