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Elective Courses Spring 2022

Unearthing the Phenomena of Hip Hop Lecture Series

Unearthing the Phenomena of Hip Hop Lecture Series dives into the evolution of hip hop and street dance. Scroll down to register to participate in the full series (all Spring 2022 elective courses) 

Please note that all modules open 3 weeks before the course to ensure that participants have enough time to complete required course materials. 


TITLE: The Writing Is On The Wall

TEACHER: Dr. Susie Lundy

DATES: March 10, 2022 (only)

TIME: 3-5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (6:00pm -8:30pm Eastern Standard Time) 



Dr. Lundy received her doctorate from the World Arts and Culture Department at UCLA in 2008. Her dissertation focused on the social and political history of Oakland through the artwork of the town’s most prominent graffiti writers, including DREAM, SPIE, REFA, KUFU, ESTRIA, DIME, PEPS,357, MEUT, and AMEND. Dr. Lundy has served many community based organizations, coordinating graffiti art programs  that promote aerosol art and culture, including the graffiti workshop at Justice United in Creative Energy (JUICE) in Los Angeles’ Rampart District and the Visual Element program at East Side Arts Alliance in East Oakland.  Dr. Lundy was part of the core team that helped launch the Estria Foundation, a graffiti arts program that promotes cultural identity and place-based knowledge. As a muralist she has led projects around the globe in collaboration with local graffiti artists in Mexico, Senegal, Guinea, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Dr. Lundy is a student of radical pedagogy and social justice. As a professor at USF and the New College she taught methods of integrating the arts into teaching humanities. In July 2020, Dr. Lundy launched her own consulting business, Tiratana Consulting, Inc. that supports arts and arts and education organizations in capacity building. Some of her clients include the Dolores Huerta Foundation, the Estria Foundation, Fist Up Film Productions, Hella Love, and Sol Collective. This course will explore the street culture of Graffiti and its history.  


Decolonizing The Black Dancing Body

TEACHER: Dr. Ayo Walker

DATE March 17th to April 7th, 2022 

TIME: Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm Central Standard Time (8:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern time)


Course Offering:

The Black dancing body in Western societies has been historically oppressed by white/Eurocentric aesthetic ideologies that sought to correct and sanitize the culturally-othered-marked dancing body by way of ethnocentric and monocultural indoctrination. Decolonizing the Black dancing body in this course acts as a method of deprogramming monocultural and ethnocentric indoctrination while decoding and de(cipher)ing bodily oppression. Understanding how bodily autonomy vs bodily indoctrination affects dancers' embodied cognitive development will become the essence for freeing the student's groove (the default movement style of your body’s rhythmic interpretation) and personalizing their movement identity. The dancing body should not be expected to apply the same movement principles and qualities across all dance forms. Through online cipher sessions this course will engage with movement principles and qualities that invite students to explore movement possibilities beyond those indoctrinated in their bodies. In the cipher is where the dancer will discover their FREEDOM.


TITLE: From Ritual to Reggae-Don't Give Up the Fight

TEACHER: Dr. Charmaine Warren

DATE: March 19th (Module access begins on March 10th)

TIME: 10:00AM - 12:00 PM Easter Standard Time


This movement-based dance history class incorporates a scholarly historical approach with enjoyable movement workshops to examine the legacy and transformations of traditional African forms, with emphasis on dance styles of Jamaica.  The history of struggle, suffering and persevering is reflected in the dance and music of the island, from rituals inherited from Africa, to the rich and “rough and ready” forms of current “DJ stylee,” to reggae, dancehall and the music.  Currently these Jamaican art forms heavily influence musical and dance styles worldwide -- from Ska to Old School Hip Hop.  The class will cover both classic and modern stage dances, as well as past and current folk forms of Jamaican dance and we will use readings, videos, music and movement, to trace the evolution and effects of rich Jamaican dances.


Unearthing the Phenomena of Hip Hop Lecture Series dives into the evolution of hip hop and street dance. Register to participate in the full series (all Spring 2022 elective courses) 

Unearthing the Phenomena of Hip Hop Lecture Series